30 October 2011

Abu Nawas: Against 3 People Bijak

Abu Nawas is known to have an intelligent brain. Because kederdasan he had, he was crowned as the wisest man in the village where he lived. One evidence of intelligence he had was able to calculate the number of stars in the heavens. One day, there are three wise men who go around the country to get answers to pressing questions. It was unclear what led the three wise men came hingaa their one day stay in the village of Abu Nawas. Without further ado, with a very urgent reason, the three men asked for some residents to put themselves forward to be willing to answer questions thrown by the three wise men. All shook their heads can not answer. Debriefing But soon, the villagers had handed Abu Nawas as a representative of the wise men to represent their village. Abu Nawas was forced to deal with the three wise men, and around them gathered the villagers who watched the conversation around the questions and answers. The first wise man asked Abu Nawas, "Where is the actual center of the earth?" "Right under my feet, brother," replied Abu Nawas. "How can you prove it?" the wise man asked the first one. "If you do not believe it, measure it yourself," replied Abu Nawas lightly. The sage who first had still had no answer. Seeing the sage had lost the first by Abu Nawas, a second turn came wise men who ask questions. "How many stars are there in the sky?" he asked. "The stars in the sky is equal to the hair on my ass," replied Abu Nawas "How can you prove about it," said the second wise man. "Well, if you do not believe it, just count the hair on the donkey, and then you will know the truth," replied Abu Nawas lightly without sin. "If it does talk shit, how does one calculate the fur donkey?" The second wise man asked again. "Well ... if I crap, why did you also ask the question, how does one count the stars in the sky?" retorted Abu Nawas. Hearing that answer, the wise man could not continue the second question again. People wisest Knowing the boys helplessly on every answer given by the Abu Nawas, then these three wise men who were asking questions. Among the three wise men, the third person here who said the wisest. He was really disturbed by any clever answers given by the Abu Nawas. "It seems you know much about the donkey, but you try to tell me how many hairs are there on the donkey's tail," asked the three wise men with ketusnya. "I know the numbers, the number of existing hairs on my donkey tail is equal to the amount of hair in your beard," replied Abu Nawas snapped anyway. "How can you prove it?" third wise man asked again. "Oh ... if that is still easy, you see, you pull out a feather from the tail of my ass, and then I pulled a hair from your beard. Well ... if the same, so what I say is true, but if not , I was wrong, "replied Abu Nawas vigorously. Of course the three wise men who did not receive such a way that it calculates. Finally the sage returned to his native country, and meanwhile the villagers who meyaksikan increasingly convinced that Abu Nawas was the wisest among the four men. Read more: http://seremm.blogspot.com/2011/07/kisah-abu-nawas-jumlah-bintang-di.html # ixzz1VrtKa4pA

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