27 October 2011

The story of Abu Nawas: keep Nazar

Again the story of Abu Nawas is endless to be read, it is because as Abu Nawas is very clever. As the following story, which the ingenuity of Abu Nawas is tested by his old friend Abdul Hamid. He has asked for assistance to Abu Nawas in terms of finding the magnitude of an inch horn goat man to fulfill vows Abdul Hamid. His story ... Formerly on the State of Persia there lived a man named Abdul Hamid AL Kharizmi. This man was a wealthy merchant in their regions. But unfortunately, he has not also endowed with a child even though her marriage has reached the age of five years. One day, after the Asr prayer at the mosque, he vowed, "Oh God ... if you give me a child, it will kusembelih a goat that has a horn span of humans."
Unexpectedly, after he came home from the mosque, his wife called Zazariah screaming, hugging him when Abdul Hamid reached the front door of the house, "O my husband ... Apparently God has answered our prayers during this, I'm pregnant," said his wife. It was Abdul Hamid seemed confused. Ask for Help Abu Nawas. The husband and wife were very happy. Abdul Hamid was very fond of and attention to his wife while she was pregnant. After nine months, she finally gave birth to a boy that funny-named Abdul Hafiz. A few weeks after the birth of her child, he remembered the vow that was spoken at the mosque first, which is slaughtering a goat that has a horn span of humans. But after looking into all corners, the goat which he means not met as well. He mused, and suddenly he remembered his old friend by the name of Abu Nawas, a friend who is very clever. He ordered his men to find out the presence of Abu Nawas. After several days of searching, Abdul Hamid's men found a home as well as Abu Nawas Abu Nawas is a very famous in its time. Arriving at the house of Abu Nawas, Abdul Hamid told subordinates events experienced by the employer. "Okay, I'll go there, but wait, I'll leave first with my wife," said Abu Nawas to subordinates Abdul Hamid. Abu Nawas was set off with his men Abdul Hamid, although he has not found a reason to solve problems experienced by his best friend. Arriving in Persia, Abu Nawas was greeted by Abdul Hamid and his wife. After describing the problem that happened to him, Abu Nawas said, "Give me overnight to think. Tomorrow morning I will give the answer." After that Abu Nawas was allowed to rest in his room. All night long he could not sleep, to find a sense of the answer will be given to his friend in the morning. After several hours racked his brains, he finally slept well that night, which indicates that the answer he had found. Babies inch. The next morning, Abu Nawas Abdul Hamid ordering subordinates to prepare a goat in the garden behind the house at midday. Abu Nawas say will provide a surprise for his friend, Abdul Hamid. As the sun was directly overhead, Abdul Hamid Abu Nawas invite fairies to the garden of his house. "I've found a goat that you're looking for," said Abu Nawas. Abdul Hamid's face was shocked and confused do not understand, because the goats obtained Abu Nawas was just an ordinary goat, he began to think that the horns of the goat was not an inch of man. her heart began to sink. "Well my friend, now you can keep nazarmu to slaughter a goat that has a horn span of humans," said Abu Nawas. "But is not it just the same goat horns with the other goat horns, not as big as a human span," said Abdul Hamid doubt. Then Abu Nawas told Abdul Hamid took anaknyake there. After Abdul Hamid gave his son, Abu Nawas ago mngukur inch of baby goat with horns, then show it to Abdul Hamid. "Well ... now you can pay nazarmu to God is not it?" said Abu Nawas. Abdul Hamid smiled satisfied with the answer given by the Abu Nawas. Nazar was finally able to be met, how glad Abdul Hamid and his wife can fulfill their vows.

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